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+ *Central World (Rachadamri Road, Thailand) will open around 010:00 AM and closes at midnight. From my memory, the place opens everyday, but most stores are open for saturdays and sundays. If possible its work days.* +

⁓ *Welcome to Windclocktown's Lovely Neighbourhood* ⁓

"Witty than ever"

Welcome to my home page! My name is Nikki, a student who sleeps day by day. All I do here is talk about life and stupid things; I also have paintings at the back, and some pages around. But you can call it a mall or a garden maze. Literally anything. Happy hunting!!!

I am always and forever a huge fan of Lawrie from Brawl Stars. Wait! Did I steal this quote from a defunct homepage on Geocities? Absolutely yes! Things aside, I first found him through a cool artist named Khamthong Ohm, I found her while trying to find her pictures of Grom. She is yet another fan of Larry and Lawrie; I didn't care at first, but as time goes by he hacked every part of my brain. And now I feel like I just crashed in the moon. Sitting right there. I mean, Larry is fine too, and those guys, but its one hot cop guy and 1700 other employees.

Nikki's last snow ploughing was 17/5/2024 20:48 PM.

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