*Guides and Some Documents Archived*

I suck at archiving, so who knows, anyways?

Long ago, I tried to create guides for people in text form but I decided to write whenever I like. But this is more of a magic library. Take a look!

How to create Renderware custom characters for Worldsplayer (Courtesy of Kangworlds, thank you!)

First guide to be ever written. I tried my best to explain details from kangworlds.net that shows how to mod characters into worldsplayer. This one has poor explanation but tried to point out the part where it caused a dead end.

Homage to Mini World: Block Art and Mini World: Creata: forever longing for it

A document all about Mini World: Block Art (by the time writing this it was renamed to Mini World: Creata). I consider this as a homage because no one knew the origins of it, it popped out of nowhere in 2017. Heavy files, because I want to show nearly all of the history. If you know this game I hope you are in for a long ride on the rollercoaster (Get it? The rainbow speeded rollercoaster!).

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